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    Nowadays, many people around the world are seeking to do hair transplants in Asia on a budget. With lower living costs, the hair transplant service in Vietnam is relatively less expensive compared to one in the USA, Canada, Australia, European countries, or even Thailand and Korea… So how much does it cost to do hair transplant in Vietnam? Let’s take a look!

    How much does a hair transplant cost in Vietnam?

    The cost of a hair transplant in Vietnam is highly variable and typically ranges from 1,200 USD to $6,500 USD, depending on many factors, including:

    1. The number of grafts transplanted: the higher the number, the higher the price. In Nella clinic, we price based on the number of grafts that each patient needs. The number will be calculated exactly after our doctors measure the recipient areas in person. We are also transparent with our work: the patient will get to see and count groups of grafts to make sure that he or she receives the correct registered number of grafts.
    2. Location: generally, the clinics that are in the center of big cities in Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi) have higher prices compared to those in more remote areas. Moreover, there is also black market for hair transplant in Vietnam where you get a lot cheaper prices; so for your own safety and guaranteed satisfaction, you should seek to do hair transplant in certified clinics only. Nella clinic is a certified clinic in hair transplant, and we are licensed by Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health (License number: 07110/HCM – GPHD)   
    3. The technique: There are two popular techniques of hair transplants: Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Direct Hair Implantation (DHI). The DHI would generally cost a little bit more than the FUE. However, the result would be the same in terms of healing process, aesthetic look.. 
    4. The skill of the surgeon: This is a common correlation: If your surgeon is considered to be one of the best, they may charge more. Still, higher rates don’t always mean superior skill, so you’ll want to do your research. In Nella clinic, you can consult in English with the doctor who will actually do your hair transplant. Our doctors have been trained in Turkey, USA, England, Thailand, Korea… every year to learn about the most advanced techniques, combined with their own expertise to bring you the best result and experience.
    FUE hair transplant vietnam
    FUE hair transplant procedure

    Frequently asked questions

    How long does it take to recover from a hair transplant?

    You could get back to work the next day without any problem, just remember to do light activities only. 

    You will wear surgical hats and headbands for the first 2-3 days. 

    Avoid heavy exercises/excessive sweating, alcohol, smoking in the first 2 weeks.

    If you are coming from overseas, it is best to stay in Vietnam for 10 days for aftercare. However, it is not mandatory, you could stay as little as 1-2 days after the surgery. We will provide you medications and instructions on how to take care at home, as this is an easy process. 

    Means of transportation in Vietnam. Where to stay after the hair transplant?

    Nella clinic is located in the center of Ho Chi Minh city, so it is very convenient for you to get anything you want (food, taxi, hotels, groceries..). 

    When you arrive at the airport, you could take the taxi (Vinasun taxi, Mai Linh taxi) right outside of the gate to go to your place. After that, you could use the apps (Grab, Be) for transport around the city with a much more affordable price. Google maps is also very convenient for you to locate any place you want to go.

    We are happy to assist you with any concern in regards to staying in Vietnam, so feel free to contact us if you need anything.

    How long do hair transplants last?

    Hair transplants are a permanent hair loss solution if done right. Taking care of transplanted hair properly post-surgery is also critical to ensure optimal results.

    hair transplant vietnam
    A hair transplant can last permanently if done right.

    What is the success rate of hair transplants?

    With modern technology, a hair transplant if done right and combined with the proper care of the patient, can have a success rate of 95%. The result lasts almost permanently.

    In Nella clinic, we have a written guarantee of 95% success rate, and we offer free corrective procedures after 01 year if the result is not achieved.

    Is a hair transplant painful?

    Our highly skilled doctors offer you fast and almost painless procedures, so from the night of the hair transplant, you will not experience any pain.

    However, some people with sensitivity might experience some numbness/minor pain within the first 2 weeks.

    hair transplant vietnam
    Feedbacks from our foreign customers from U.S.A, Australia, and Canada

    The bottom line

    Having hair transplanted in Vietnam will save you ½ or ⅔ of the cost compared to being done in developed countries. However, lower price does not equal lower quality –  which have been testified by our clients from around the world. Our highly skilled doctors always strive to give you the best result as well as a fast and comfortable procedure.

    To get an idea of the cost and find all the information that you need, feel free to contact us:

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    hair transplant vietnam

    hair transplant vietnam



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